Quick facts about health care in Cameroon

Health care financing

In Cameroon, 70.42% (474.5 billion CFA francs) of health expenditure comes from out of pocket payments by households.

Individual & household - 70%
State 14%
Companies 7%
TFPs 7%
burden of disease in africa

High burden of NCDs

Cameroon spends more on health than any other sub-Saharan African country (except South Africa), yet the burden of communicable and non-communicable disease has doubled.

World Bank, 2013

Doctor to patient ratio:


There is 1 Doctor for every 12,500 Cameroonians. About 60% of these doctors are in the Center and Littoral regions. Many people living in rural communities do not have access to a physician.

MOH, 2016

Patient to doctor ratio in cameroon

We improve healthcare accessibility

At Keafon Health we seek to curb the challenges in accessing healthcare in rural and semi-urban communities through innovation, strategic partnerships, and community involvement.

Keafon health workers


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