We facilitate rapid transportation to health centres using Motorcycle taxi as mini-ambulances to navigate non-motorable roads in rural communities

The Problem

There is persistent poor condition of roads in Cameroon especially in semi-urban and rural settings, this has resulted in a drastic decline of organized public transport systems. Most of the road surfaces are non-motorable and patients have to walk long distances to get to a health facility sometimes with fatal consequences or are highly charged by commercial transporters, who are available at selected times thus unable to handle emergencies especially at night.

In addition, community healthcare workers who go out for immunization or to attend to housebound patients have to cover long distances on foot. Coverage is therefore inadequate because of lack of means of transportation.

The Solution

The aim of this project is to provide motorcycles to selected health facilities that are difficult to access. These will serve as mini-ambulances on roads that are not motorable. Patients will be able to call-in requesting for transportation and community healthcare workers will be able to use these as a means of transport for vaccination campaigns or to administer drugs to homebound patients.